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Botox & Xeomin- The foundation for graceful aging


Botox® and Xeomin® are products that are injected into muscles to temporarily decrease wrinkles, creating a youthful, rested, peaceful and happy appearance.

These products are known as neurotoxins and work by paralyzing nerves and muscles, typically lasting  3-4 months. 

The number of units used is dependent on age, gender, and desired results, with an average of 50-80 units utilized per treatment.

Neurotoxins can treat:

•TMJ & associated headaches

•Excessive Sweating (i.e., underarms)

•Facial wrinkles 

(forehead, crows feet, between the eyebrows

•Wrinkles around the mouth/lips

• Reduce a gummy smile

• Lip Flip (Help lips look fuller)

• Micro-Tox facial (reduce pore size & oil production)

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