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Registered Nurse Injector and Professional Piercer

Donna L. McCallum, BSN-RN

Hello! I am a Board Certified BSN educated Registered Nurse since 2011.  I found my passion for aesthetics while working in same day surgery and the operating room at the surgeons side.   I loved to see the transformations patients went through both physically and emotionally.  


I have completed 21 years of service to the Air Force, and now at the end of my military career, I am excited to retire in Mountain Home and build an enriching life for myself and my two beautiful children.  I have a passion for aesthetics and I am excited to help everyone to look and feel like the person they want to be!


I am excited to offer new services as my practice grows and meet the needs and expectations of my clients.  What can I do for you?


I look forward to meeting you!

~ Donna


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