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Hello Mountain Home!

I'm Dee, your local Medical Aesthetics and Professional Piercing Registered Nurse!

I retired from the military in 2021, and chose to settle down in Mountain Home to raise my kids in a smaller city. I am passionate about helping people reach their aesthetic goals! Whether that means proper skincare treatments & Botox injections, or IV Infusions for health & hydration, or professional hollow needle body piercings, I have something to offer anyone, that will enhance your appearance or health & wellbeing. 

I look forward to meeting you!

~Dee, RN

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Leaves Shadow

Mon ~ 10-7 pm


Tues ~ 10-7 pm


Weds ~ 10-7 pm


Thurs ~ 10-7 pm


Fri ~10-7 pm


Sat ~ 10-6pm (limited days) & Mobile


Sun ~ Special Appointments only, Open Office charge $25




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